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Our Team

Our team at Scooples is lead by Jessica Moye, General Manager.

Jessica Moye General Manager


General Manager

Jessica Moye, a seasoned professional in the restaurant industry, currently serves as the General Manager at Scooples Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant, a part of the FMK Hospitality Group in The Villages, FL. Originally from Sacramento, CA, Jessica brings a wealth of experience with her 20 years in the restaurant industry, and she has been a valuable member of the FMK team for the past 5 years.


Jessica started her journey with FMK as an Assistant Manager and has since demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication. Over the years, she has worked at various FMK restaurants, including Bluefin, Belle Glade, and now holds a key position at Scooples.


When it comes to her personal favorites on the menu, Jessica's top choices include the chili dog and chicken salad. However, she is attuned to the preferences of the guests, with the B.L.T. and chili dog being among the most popular entrées.


As the General Manager, Jessica finds great joy in connecting with guests and building relationships within the community. Her passion for the hospitality industry and commitment to providing an excellent dining experience make her an integral part of the FMK Hospitality Group.

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